Group of Directors and Hospitality experts combining more than 90 years of experience in the hospitality and development industry. Possessing an entrepreneurial approach to hotel operations focusing on identifying / maximizing  growth  and achieving common goals.

Our approach is pragmatic, transparent and  we do not leave any stones unturned when it comes to analyzing, planning and resolving your needs. We are flexible/ creative, adapt and  blend easily with any social environment.

Amatak Hotel management services  also includes it’s own portfolio of hotels, private villas and other projects. Whether  private 5* villas, 4*  Boutique hotels as  well as 3* hotels, small /medium and  big volume hotels.


We aspire to become the most recognized Hospitality management service company nationwide, through quality and best practices in order to achieve sustainable growth.


Committed to exceed customer satisfaction with outstanding services and experiences. Ensuring with our dedicated team a reasonable return to the owners whilst being responsible, conscientious, trustworthy and reliable.

Bring Your Business Potentials to Reality

Running a full hospitality operation requires experience and expertise in more than 10 different departments.

It is often the case that only a few possess the intelligence, knowledge, people and time to bring their departments/hotel to a full potential.

A department not operating at its full capacity can easily be very costly in terms of quality standards, non returning guests, expenses, revenue and can be a downfall for the brand in the long term.

Amatak expertise is quick in assessing your needs and being able to evaluate the time frame required/returns on any particular service you would require.







A cocktail of passionate experts and associates in constant practice of standards and research for creativity as to provide our customers with great experiences.

Mindset oriented with quality and consistency towards our guests while growing our Vision and mission. Holding a strong social team foundation consisting of understanding, integrity, devotion, learning and rewards.

Despite the prospect of running many properties, each departmental expert and team is making sure no stone is left unturned when it comes to customer comfort and services. Everything has been meticulously made as to provide a consistent standard across each properties.

Our team of experts represent more than 90 years of experience, our approach is very pragmatic in  resolving issues based on facts. We are forthcoming, reliable honest and fun.

Understanding and respecting the communities that surround us is not only a teaching but also   provides some interest to our customers whether cultural or general awareness. Offers the chance to participate in some ways for the community and the environment.

Cambodia’s often called the land of smiles and was destined to become a force in the hospitality sector just by its social endeavors. Helpful, respectful, social, inquisitive, humble, generous and kind. A projection of the values Amatak cherishes.


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